A 4-Hour Consultation

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A 4-Hour Consultation

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A 4-hour consultation is a very comprehensive assessment of your home or office.

In the first two hours, I will explain the basics of Feng Shui and give you many useful advice regarding the areas of your home to improve. I will talk about your home's + and - in relations to the floor plans and what I see. I will give Feng Shui advice that you can implement immediately. In the next two hours, we go in depth in the remedies we can implement. I include a house blessing (it's optional). We can chose furniture together, but also a more comprehensive range of remedies. We can test those changes immediately by say, moving furniture around and testing the new advice on the spot. 

This option is the one I recommend for spaces between 1500 square feet and 2500 square feet.  For larger spaces, ask for pricing. 

Handouts for later use: 

  • your Bagua map
  • Your Kua number calculation and best directions
  • A full list of my Feng Shui suggestions.  
  • An Elemental and yin/yang assessment form for yourself and your family members. 
  • A house blessing


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