REMODELING of an apt IN PARIS - 2017/ remote consultation

REMODELING of an apt IN PARIS - 2017/ remote consultation


I have worked with different types of spaces over the years and been able to enhance the flow and the energy of those spaces. 

A few of our projects over the years include:

  • Offices 
  • Homes
  • Remodelings (see image)
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Home staging
  • New Constructions/ working with an architect



Testimonial from a former client who is a Business Owner

4/5/2017 - Pary S. 

"We moved into a new office space a few months ago.  Our office is one of those older historical type structures that was a large home converted to an office space on a busy street.  The office had lots of undone spaces and at times, our office personnel felt a heavy energy when working there.  Due to the surroundings inside the office, I seldom went in and preferred working from home.  But deep down inside, I felt like I needed to give the interior a face lift.  I looked up the services of Marianne and emailed for a quote.  Marianne was very quick to respond and we made a consultation to speak over the phone so she could get a better idea of what my concerns were.  Once we spoke, I knew I didn't have to look elsewhere.  Marianne was so easy going, soft spoken, understanding and simply a delight to speak with.  Once she had a better understanding of our needs, we set up an appointment for her to come view the office.  We went through every room in detail and she provided me with material to view as well as voice recordings so I could pick up on every word in case I missed anything.  We did a sage cleansing over every room due to the history of the place.  We blessed the entire office and she gave me lots of input and information on what I needed to do as far as moving pieces around, adding certain things, items, making everything flow.  Her suggestions did not cost an arm and a leg.  They were simple, easy changes that didn't require too much on your budget.  She listened to what I liked and took in my opinions while making suggestions she thought would be suitable for our situation.  After the session was complete, I felt I had known her forever.  Her personality and demeanor is a dream to work with and I would recommend Marianne's services to anyone looking to spruce up their home or business as well as incorporating the feng shui principals into their location.  Once I started organizing the office and making the necessary changes, I could totally feel a complete turnaround about how I felt about our space.  Now I have an office I enjoy coming to and the entire staff is thankful we've made it a comfortable and relaxed yet productive work environment where everything is neat, organized, clean and every room is put to use.  Thank you Marianne for all your help.  I greatly appreciate it."