A 2-Hour Consultation

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A 2-Hour Consultation


A 2-hour consultation is a comprehensive assessment of your home.

In 2 hours, I will explain the basics of Feng Shui and give you many life-changing advice concerning the areas of your home to improve.

During the first 30min, I will talk about your home's Feng Shui plus and minuses.  

The next 1h30 are designed to give you the tools to remedy any problems discussed in the assessment phase and optimize your Chi for all the house inhabitants.

If you have follow-up questions* after the consultation, I am glad to answer them at no additional charge. (just leave me 48 hours to answer them!)

*I will answer up to 10 questions! You can ask them all at once or over time.

Requirements for remote consultation (nice to have for in-person consultations):
•    At least 5 photos of your house or a short video. 
•    Floor plan of the home

Handouts for later use: 

  • your Bagua map
  • Your Kua number calculation and best directions
  • A full list of my Feng Shui suggestions.  


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I usually consult remotely through Zoom or Skype, or in person if you are in the Paris area.

Requirements for a remote consultation: wireless access, floor plans (to be sent at least 48 hours prior to the consultation), and a working webcam or video chat abilities on a cell phone preferably or a portable computer.