A full consultation (3.5-4 hours)


A full consultation (3.5-4 hours)


A 3 to 4hour consultation is a comprehensive assessment of your home or office.

In the first two hours, I will explain the basics of Feng Shui and give you many useful advice regarding the areas of your home to improve. I will talk about your home's + and - in relations to the floor plans and what I see. I will give Feng Shui advice that you can implement immediately. In the next hour, we go in depth in the remedies we can implement. We can chose furniture together, but also a more comprehensive range of remedies. We can test those changes immediately by say, moving furniture around and testing the new advice on the spot. 

This option is the one I recommend for spaces between 1500 square feet and 2000 square feet.  For larger spaces, ask for pricing. 

Handouts for later use: 

  • your Bagua map
  • Your Kua number calculation and best directions
  • A full list of my Feng Shui suggestions.  
  • An Elemental and yin/yang assessment form for yourself and your family members. 
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