Use Feng Shui for a faster turnover of your listings

Have you ever wondered why some prime properties sat on the market for a long time despite checking all the boxes? Have you ever wondered why some less interesting properties got dozens of offers the first day that you show it? 

I am sure you have tried to rationalize it with ...

"I guess the kitchen was updated, that the property had better landscaping, it was a better school district" etc. 

Well, chances are that I could have guessed exactly what was wrong about the former and right about the latter. Good Feng Shui is about touching the "heart" of potential dwellers. It is not rational. It just "is". 

It's about the right balance of all the elements and the right balance of yin/yang. We as humans are more drawn to properties that are very well balanced. 

A few hundred dollars spent on Feng Shui staging goes a long way when you are trying to sell a property. 

Try my Feng Shui expertise when you bring in your stager and increase your property turn around dramatically!

I can work with stagers or separately from them. 

Contact me today. I am happy to answer all your questions and / or give you a quote.  

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