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My Mission

My Mission as a Certified Feng Shui consultant: Change people's lives by listening, transforming and empowering. By helping people transform their homes and offices, I help them transform their circumstances and achieve their goals.   

My technique is a holistic approach that combines mind-body-home awareness techniques. I listen to my clients carefully and respect their styles, tastes and particular situations. The way I practice Feng Shui is very practical, and will not alter your style in any way. I am also passionate about the aesthetics of a home or an office. I choose not to compromise style or comfort just for the sake of following rigid Feng Shui principles. 

My clients' have entrusted me with the mission of altering their sacred space so as to reach their goals. Some became wealthier, some attracted their husband or wife, some built a profitable business, others combatted depression and reached happiness.

The list goes on. I am grateful for this opportunity.   


"Thank you! My house feels so good! It feels much more like me; like I'm coming back to life- like the fire in me is being reminded of itself. When I'm given too much choice, I become paralyzed, but with the Bagua, its requirements, and your suggestions, I have a framework to guide me.  It's allowing my playful side to come out/back to life as well."- S.B.

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Manhattan Condo renovation

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