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Founded by Marianne Gordon, Feng Shui consultant and teacher, Feng Shui with Me was created to teach you to safely apply feng shui in your home and office.

“I designed this curriculum to empower you with the great and deep knowledge of this mindful discipline. The many tips, videos and online courses available on this site cover all you need to know about attracting the best flow and the best luck in life.

However, if you would rather have a video Feng Shui consultation with me than follow one of my courses, I will gladly consult. I conduct all my client consultations remotely through Skype or Zoom.

Feng Shui is a spiritual practice which is rooted in ancient Chinese practices, as is acupuncture. It allows us humans to live in harmony with nature, our families and our communities. When practiced correctly, Feng Shui should be transformational, life-altering. And it works in your best interests. So, there is no downside to safely practicing Feng Shui. So, please come Feng Shui with Me!’

- Marianne Gordon

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