"Marianne is amazingly gifted.

She helped me prepare for my vacation in Mexico. I wanted to start cleaning out my house, make more money, and basically clear my head so I could have a great month. It ended up so much more (little did I know). I reunited with a love from 40 years ago, and moved to Mexico within 4 months. All my preparation knowingly and unknowingly put me in the hands of love and an amazing life I couldn't have created if I tried. Oh I did.!!! Thank you Marianne. Looking forward to our next adventure together soon. Im almost ready for my Mexico Feng Shui. Your devoted,"

- Amélie Marchesseau


“For the longest time I have felt a bit like I was floating, and I didn’t understand why.

(because I am such a functional person, I organise my life and have the things that I (thought) I need…) But being a metal person, I didn’t see that it is important to surround myself with things that simply look nice, or even simpler, make me feel good for any reason. I only surrounded myself with functional things! And when I look back now it’s so crazy… So, I just wanted to let you know that. I am really happy already with the changes and I can’t wait until we are in the new house because I have the feeling it will make me feel so good to simply be there, thanks to your help. And the weirdest thing about this, is that since I surrounded myself with the things I love, I am happier, more creative, but also softer, more understanding both for others but the biggest one, for myself. It’s really a magical feeling!!! So, thanks for your help so far.” - Rana H.

“I recently did a consultation with Marianne and I cannot recommend it highly enough! 

We reviewed my home room by room and Marianne was able to make many simple suggestions about improving the feng shui in my house simply by moving items from room to room. I put her suggestions into action and felt a tremendous difference just in seeing my space in need my new ways and with new eyes. I am very thankful for all of Marianne's advice and I would highly recommend her consultation. She was very, very lovely to work with and was incredibly supportive as I implemented the changes. I'm very eager to see the short and long range benefits of this energy adjustment. Thank you so much, Marianne!”  Susanna C.

"Thank you! My house feels so good- it feels much more like me; like I'm coming back to life- like the fire in me is being reminded of itself. 

When I'm given too much choice, I become paralyzed, but with the Bagua, its requirements, and your suggestions, I have a framework to guide me.  It's allowing my playful side to come out/back to life as well.  Interestingly (or likely not!! ), it's all dovetailing with my therapy- my old, suppressed anger (fire) is rising up to be processed and healed, and I'm becoming clearer about my marriage as these dormant parts of myself come back to life and show me what I've shut down/off in myself in the name of perceived safety/ acceptance/approval during childhood & also marriage.  I am so grateful to you because the Feng Shui has been an important aspect of this- it's an outward representation of my inner life- it's like walking through, inhabiting and being reminded of my internal houses/aspects of myself & life as I move about my physical home." - S.B.

"I don't know where to start" was why I contacted Marianne.

After some significant life changes, personal and career and a lot of health issues, things were stuck but I did not know where to start. Marianne was so great. I truly enjoyed the time spent with her. But her advice - it was spot on! She respected my style and my finances - she tried to work my existing style and colors. Her recommendations were not expensive changes and could be tailored to your circumstances. The results I continue to have are great. Since making some of the changes she suggested, my career has turned for the better, my health has gone without issues for several months and my son is sleeping better. Most importantly, I feel like it's truly my home, not just a house I was living in".  - Brandy C. 

I had often researched Feng Shui, but I never knew how to apply it correctly, until I met Marianne from Feng Shui with Me, 10 years ago

Marianne did an astonishing work for the 3 different homes I have lived in over the past decade. For each of these homes, I was at different places in my life, had different needs, priorities and ... budget. Each time Marianne helped integrating Feng Shui into our homes, finding elegant budget-conscious Feng Shui cures for areas that needed these, and attracting good Feng Shui where our priorities were. 

My latest experience reaching out to Marianne was in 2016, when I had to choose a rental after I had sold my Chelsea loft in New York City. I was looking for an Upper East side townhouse and Marianne remotely helped me select the ones that would have the best Feng Shui for me and the children, based on floor plans and short videos of the street and home that I would send her after each visit. When we narrowed it down to the top 3 options, Marianne flew to NYC to see in person the top options and help pick the best Feng Shui place. 
The home she recommended was also the one that, deep down, I truly wanted. Once I had moved in, she helped me with the decoration of the townhouse, and was always available to answer my multiple phone consultations whether for choosing a new piece of furniture or for arranging the old ones in the new place. 

Marianne consistently answers with patience and thoroughness. Marianne's greatest quality is to listen and understand my taste and evolving needs and incorporate these to optimize Feng Shui/ Functionality/Comfort and Design, all at once. 
I am so happy Marianne Fengshui'ed my latest homes. My guests consistently complement me on how comfortable they feel and how pleasing to the eye and peaceful it feels. More importantly, Marianne made my home a haven for my kids and myself, full of joy and laughter. - L.L.

"You don't have to spend much money on applying the remedies she suggests."

I have used Marianne's Feng Shui expertise 3 times over the past 7 years. Each time was when I moved into a new apartment. Each time, the results were phenomenal. Whether I needed a boost in my love life , or my career or financial situation, I've followed her detailed advice and never got disappointed. Feng Shui works and you don't have to spend much money on applying the remedies she suggests.
After each consultation, I am very clear on what to do as she leaves me with a list of to-do's (discussed in the course of the consultation). I highly recommend her services. - S.P. 

“15-20 days after I made the [Feng Shui] changes, I found a partner that is very caring”

Hi Marianne,

I hope you are doing great! I didn’t have the chance to tell you that after 15-20 days of the changes I made in my house I found a partner that is very caring !!!!

So, since it worked for me, I am telling all my friends that need change in their lives to contact you. I really appreciate your work and I am happy to give you referrals!  - K.S.

“Finally some peace!”

I confess that my kids were driving me crazy at the time we moved into our vacation home! It was the exact opposite of what we had been trying to achieve. We wanted to be in nature, escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, spend some quality time. And the opposite was happening. We would come into the house and the kids would throw tantrums, as if they were possessed! That's when Marianne came in. And her advice was to remove some excess "Water" element. I do not know how it exactly works, but after implementing the changes, we all started to enjoy our house... and each other!" - N.M.

"Feng Shui helped me transition to retired life"

When I stopped working, I suddenly felt quite depressed in the house that my husband and I had built a few years before. I did not have many contacts outside. I contacted Marianne, who recommended easy changes (such as repainting the living room and lobby walls in lighter tones  and lightening the style of our former decor by helping me get rid of some of our old furniture, etc.). After making those changes, the ambiance of our home became lively and joyful. It feels like the space is also larger. In this younger decor, I feel younger and more enthusiastic. I have great new friends and acquaintances thanks to my new hobbies. Thanks to Marianne, the house has become very welcoming and full of energy. - D.M.

The feng shui master picked basically how everything was laid out in the office. It’s all about energy and the way things flow. And generally it has worked for us, because now we have 3,200 employees. I think it has saved us a lot of trouble, listening to him.
— Tory Burch