This SHORT guided meditation has been my go-to for over 5 years. As a beginner, this meditation helped me focus, and was a perfect introduction to the feelings meditation should procure. I often use it to teach beginners. 

Then, in times when I did not practice enough, it was my re-introduction to meditation. I also often listen to it in times of stress, when my mind is more likely to focus on negative things. With this meditation, I know I will have a certain guidance, which will keep mental chatter at bay. Enjoy!  


Meditation for Love

As you calm and deepen the breath, you will find your mind quieting down, and your heart opening to Love.

This meditation is based on my study of texts of Deepak Chopra and of the Course in Miracles. I have used these for a while and always found them useful. This meditation creates an immediate release of feelings of anger and sadness. It opens the path for giving/ receiving and teaches non-judgment.