How to understand your Bagua Map. It's easy!

Your residence Bagua Map according to your type of dwelling.

Your residence Bagua Map according to your type of dwelling.

So here we go. You are interested in Feng Shui. You have read all about how it can change your life. 

And now, it's time to calculate your Bagua map. Here is a free video tutorial I prepared for you.

Your residence will either be in category one or category two. 

1/ If you live in an apartment:   Align the bottom of the Bagua Map with the Front entrance wall. Most likely, your front door would be either in the Knowledge and Self-cultivation or Career or Helpful People area. 

2/ If you live in a house:   Get a compass (probably the easiest way to get a hold of compass readings is to download a free app on your phone) and place the Career area from the map (gua) where your compass indicates the North. The South would be your Reputation gua, etc. 

We generally think we have a pretty good idea of how our house looks on plans, but in reality, layouts are often different than we think. Therefore, I always suggest to draw your bagua from your floor plans, rather than doing it in your head. If you don't have floor plans, try to get accurate readings by measuring your rooms. 

Now you ask... Why would there be two different Bagua Map placements? (corresponding to 2 different Feng Shui schools)?

Simple answer. The Bagua map that the first Feng Shui masters used in China relied on compass directions. Why? So that homes (all set in the countryside) could best benefit from favorable elements and minimize the impact of unfavorable ones (heavy winds or prolonged shade would affect the living conditions of the inhabitants). Example: Fire and Reputation is in the South because that's where you get the most Sun (fire).

Nowadays, urban planning and modern living (electricity, heat, isolation, etc.) prevent apartments and their inhabitants from suffering from adverse weather conditions.  So we use the front door when we apply the Bagua map on an apartment floor plan. Using the compass in an apartment would not make much sense as chances are that looking straight across the front door would be where you would get the most sun (Reputation is ruled by fire). On the contrary, in a house, you will still probably have to pay attention to the elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) if you want your Feng Shui to be optimal.  That is why it is recommended that you use your compass if you live in a house and want to nail your Feng Shui. 

Of course, there will be exceptions, there will be odd-shaped houses. I cover most of these exceptions in my course

So go ahead, trace your Bagua Map and

Good Luck!