Why affirmations are better for you than New Year's resolutions

We all want new beginnings, new motivations, new ways of thinking, more money, more muscle, less weight, better jobs. But most of these resolutions (whether quantifiable or unquantifiable) highlight the end goal and do not give you tools necessary to get there. 

For example, if you want to be "more open-minded", the reason you are not more open-minded at the moment is not because you don't want to, it is because you don't know how. What we all lack is not motivation. What we lack is a system that works. (See my post about decluttering if that's one of your resolutions this year). 

So, try this! 

Instead of the traditional New Year's resolutions, I would like to have you do the two following exercises:

  • Write and say 9 daily (or weekly) affirmations that have to do with the 9 Feng Shui areas of your home (listed below). Affirmations help guide one's actions and one's thinking. It is a bit like brain-washing, but rooted in Tao tradition, and it seems to work for many people.  It strengthens what I do when I work with a client. And I know that even months after the consultation, my client will always remember to work on their Feng Shui improvements when they do their daily affirmations. 
  • Find one inspirational quote and refer to it throughout the year. (here for example). A meaningful quote should inspire you but not nag you. A quote conveys the idea of endless possibility, whereas a resolution is just a yes or no (kept or not kept) proposition. A resolution not kept often undermines our confidence leaving us feeling more unhappy.  For example, if you want to find your dream job, chances are you won't feel good until your goal is reached. A resolution therefore feels limiting. A quote, on the other end, can feel more open and will highlight the journey to get there. 

How do I write my 9 affirmations?
You need to invoke a wish in the present tense as if it's already happening. The wish is related to the 9 guas (areas) in your life that are also mapped in your home.  If you want to know where the areas are in your home, you can calculate your Bagua map in my post "How to understand your Bagua Map". 

The 9 Guas (areas) of your home are:

1/ Career and Life Path,
2/ Knowledge and Self-cultivation,
3/ Family,
4/ Wealth,
5/ Fame and Reputation,
6/ Love and Marriage,
7/ Children and Creativity,
8/ Mentors and Outside contacts
9/ Health and Center. 

Example of affirmation for the Career Gua (Number 1 on the list above) if you are looking for a job: "Numerous job opportunities come to me and I intuitively seize the best one without fear or hesitation".

Example of affirmation for the Children Gua (Number 7 on the list above): "I am patient with my children and always find a way to resolve conflict without hurting their feelings."

What you are doing is three things: you are re-affirming your commitment to the resolution, you are talking about it like it's already happening, and you are highlighting a path to achieve it. 

In addition, find an overarching quote for the year that you can refer to (have it on your fridge for example). 

Important: Keep them handy so you can refer to them as frequently as needed (e.g. as a New note in your phone, for privacy). Repeat them every day or each time you remember. 

If you are curious, the quote I chose for inspiration this year is: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now". (Goethe).  

This has a lot to do with my Career area but not only... This quote reminds me of the importance to begin, follow through, work hard, surmount obstacles and accept any outcomes. It also reminds me of the magic of creation. I am trusting myself more each time I read the quote and it lifts my spirits. 

What are some of the quotes that will inspire you this year?

I would love to read them... Please send them to me!

Good luck!