It's the year of the Dog!

Feng Shui for 2018
Hello all! 
It’s almost Chinese New Year! 
Therefore I wish you a happy new year again! 
It’s the year of the dog: a loyal, determined and friendly creature. And this year, the dog energy will materialize in a Yang Earth form. There is a lot to look forward to, especially when it comes to global consciousness and social change. Can you feel it?  For my part, I have noticed more awareness in consumption habits, environmental matters, social justice and also, in the realization that spiritually and energetically positive habits are a necessary part of a happy life. May it continue!
Before I start with my tips for 2018, I want to let you know that I will be in Los Angeles from mid-February until March 3. So for my readers in the LA area who want to book a consultation with me in person, you may do so here or write me an email. (I will also resume my remote consultations after March 4).  Please note that the 3-hour consultation is still on sale.
Now, here are my two Feng Shui cents for 2018. I will describe the positive and negative sectors in your home, according to the Flying Stars method (not a method I use year round, but I find it useful at the beginning of each Chinese year). 
During the year of the Dog, the Flying Stars will make apparent that the following areas are best to avoid: the North, the North East, the West and the East
The traditional way of not disturbing these areas is by avoiding drilling, construction or renovations in those sectors of your home.  But if you have to build or landscape in any of these sectors, you can just place a wind chime outside the home between your house and the area that is being renovated.
If your front door faces any of these directions, try to use a back door most of the time, but if impossible, just place a wind chime near your front door (this is my case). This will ensure that you not disturb the area. My other big adjustment this year will be to move my couch: currently my back is to the North, I will switch it to face the opposite direction.  I will also make sure that I enhance the South, a very lucky sector in 2018, and the sector related to Fame and Reputation.
So please try to follow these directions and believe that you can create harmony in your home, no matter where the negative areas are located this year. If you want to want to easily calculate your bagua map, here is a helpful blog post I wrote.
Please see below the lucky and unlucky directions for 2018 according to the Flying Stars.
Positive areas in 2018 (activate with a water feature, crystals, mirrors, chimes, décor):
·         Southeast
·         Northwest
·         South
·         Southwest
·         Centre
Negative areas in 2018 (best left alone OR if there is constant traffic, place a metal six-rod chime outside. You can also place a salt water cure in those areas (indoors), which will absorb negative energies):
·         North
·         West
·         Northeast
·         East
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Many blessings for the new year,