I have been teaching meditation to individuals and in companies. I realized that Feng Shui, without a meditation base, is one of the reasons people like Trump succeed. No personal offense to him, but I can definitely see in his mercurial nature that he does not meditate (whereas he is known to be using Feng Shui in all his hotel properties, homes and offices) and that it causes him and others a great deal of turmoil.

My point is that meditation has proven to provide a solid base for sane and safe growth in companies and in people's homes; it is a safeguard against results at all costs, which is how Feng Shui started in the first place. Feng Shui was a protecting force of nature, not a proponent of results at a person, an animal or a land's expense. The goal was for people to live in harmony with nature, and in harmony with the heavens.

There are two quotes that I like to use when I introduce the meditation practice:

“Breathe as if your life depends on it”.

- Jon Kabat Zinn

The idea is to watch your breathing as often as possible, no matter the time of day, and to see where that takes you. Jon Kabat Zinn (founder of MBSR - Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction technique) notes that far from making you waste time, mindful breathing is a tool that allows you to react purposefully (to stressful situations) and therefore with greater efficiency and clarity.

If someone says something stressful to us, we hear what is being said, we pause, we breathe, then, we react. This allows for deeper thinking, which comes from a more creative and thoughtful place than our typical immediate response would have come. This is a great tool for managers as this technique takes some of the ego out of the delivery/message.

“By non doing, all doing becomes possible”

- Lao Tsu

See if you can meditate for a few seconds, and as cryptic as the message may seem, try to take 10 seconds to feel its power. Repeat it several times: "By non doing, all doing becomes possible".

What I think it really means is : Stop being busy, just be. Then the path will appear.

But please allow yourself to stop first, and see what is possible. It would seem that artists would adhere to this process more than business people. But even in a business setting, over-stressing, over-reacting robs us of of our creativity, ability to judge wisely, ability to have the appropriate response to a problem.

What is the recommended path if one is overstressed? Take a deep breath, do nothing. Pause. Even a short 5-breath pause can change our day positively. Or a 5-minute meditation, or a 5-minute mindful walk in a park.

If you have compulsion, or think that you must absolutely buy this or that during the holiday season... pause... by not doing, the path will reveal itself.

Next time an unpleasant or stressful situation occurs at work or at home, please remember those two quotes. And please share with me anything that arises in your practice!

Finally, before diving into Feng Shui in your home ...pause... please take 5 minutes to meditate on your intentions for your home and for your life, and then proceed...

Much love,