What is Chi? How do I balance it?

What is Chi?

We talk about it all day in Feng Shui, acupuncture, etc.

But what is it?
Life energy.

Sometimes, that’s just not a good enough explanation, especially for the rational minds.

A metaphor I like to use is this one:

I love watching Surf Competitions on TV... You see a surfer and then you see these gigantic waves and he is patiently and calmly waiting for the RIGHT one. Whaaaaaaat? How can he be so calm in the face of this? 


- for one: being calm is his only chance to apprehend this massive natural phenomenon. He trains his mind and body to ride the wave. 
- secondly, even if he paddled like a madman to the shore, because he got too scared,  would he have fun? Would it have been worth it? No.

Chi is the life energy that exists around us, encompassing us in a gigantic life force that we can’t control, but that we can learn to ride.

One has to learn patience, intuition and rhythm in order to surf Chi, to surf the wave. And one has to learn and relearn often. Essentially, we unlearn all the patterns of the mind, we ease in the face of chaos and when we are ready, we surf. (Or dance, or ski, or do aikido or glide- pick your own metaphor, it all works similarly). We use momentum of an existing force to lift us, and take us further than we would have been able to go without it.

What I teach in Feng Shui is essentially this.

I’m not a miracle worker, but I observe patterns in homes and businesses, energy blocks, overactive Chi, stagnant Chi, and I remove the blocks. Sometimes the blocks directly mirror the person’s blocks. I see the same blockages in my client's body language when they talk about a certain topic as when I enter the part of their home corresponding to that topic: wealth, marriage, self-knowledge etc. And I bet that if I brought in an acupuncturist they would see related blockages in the person’s body.

My clients immediately report “bliss”, “fire within”, “happiness returned”, “feeling full of energy” after a consultation. First, the feelings change and then the actual changes happen.

The changes don’t come from me or from above or from some magical force. They immediately come after I remove the blocks that prevent my clients from surfing. And when they are removed, the clients surf. And they attract miracles: a soulmate, more wealth, a new career, etc. Only when they accept to surrender to the flow can this occur.

As I’ve often said: some people only want the results (That $1 million) but they don’t want to change in order to get there (so the million dollar may come but with strings attached: a divorce, a lay off etc.). All their energy is put in the wrong place: the result.

While setting goals is extremely important, not being attached only to results is even more fundamental for a blissful life. The idea is to chase a feeling, not a thing, and to pay attention to the process.

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