Happy Year of the Pig! Traditional Feng Shui for 2019.

 Today, February 5th, 2019, is Chinese New Year !
Therefore I wish you a happy new year! 
It’s the year of the pig: a passionate, seductive and faithful creature. And this year, the pig energy will materialize in a Yin Earth form. The pig is also quite insecure, which makes him care about his physical appearance a lot. While the year of the Dog was a year of introspection, and societal change (did you feel it?), this upcoming year marks the year of reaping what we sowed. All the seeds planted last year will reap successes. The pig is materialistic, and likes to hold on to and to enjoy what he has. So will we and that’s when we will have to be extra grateful this year.
For my part, last year, I had noticed more awareness in consumption habits, environmental matters, social justice and also, in the realization of spiritually and energetically positive habits. Given the pig’s materialistic characteristics, we will have to watch our behaviors when it comes to acquiring things this year. We had started to dematerialize and prioritize our souls, let’s be vigilant to keep that tendency next year.

Now, here are my main recommendations for 2019. I will describe the positive and negative sectors in your home, according to the Flying Stars method (not a method I use year round, because of its complexity and its changing nature, but I find it useful at the beginning of each Chinese year and when moving into a new home). 
During the year of the Pig, the Flying Stars will make apparent that the following areas are best to avoid: the North East, the South, the South West and the South East. Oops! This year is challenging for me, because my entrance is in the North East, my bedroom in in the South and South West and my son’s room is in the South East!!

The traditional way of not disturbing these areas is by avoiding drilling, construction or renovations in those sectors of your home.  But if you have to build or landscape in any of these sectors, you can place a wind chime outside the home between your house and the area that is being renovated.
While I will have to keep using my North East entrance, since I have no back door, I will make sure to close the door quietly and use a cure in the area this year (see below). I will also make sure that I enhance the North, a very lucky sector in 2019, which I thoroughly avoided in 2018, and is the sector related to my career. In order to further enhance the North, I will place a water fountain in this area (however, as with all water features, the water should flow towards the inside of the house, or 360 degrees, or it will have the opposite effect).
So please try to follow these directions and believe that you can create harmony in your home, no matter where the negative areas are located this year. Please see below the lucky and unlucky directions for 2019 according to the Flying Stars. All these cures should be placed in the first week of February.

It should be noted that people living in apartments will have to take their compass directions, and combine some traditional Feng Shui with front door Feng Shui. For example, if I live in an apartment and my front door is in Career, but also in the South, some cures might seem less intuitive to you. Use the compass to guide you and while you can keep your front door Feng Shui the same, you will just add the cures mentioned below in the right cardinal directions. 
Positive areas in 2019 (activate with a water feature, crystals, mirrors, chimes, décor):

  • Centre - 8 Annual star

  • West - 1 Annual star

  • North - 4 Annual star

  • East - 6 Annual star

  • Northwest - 9 Annual star

Negative areas in 2019 
You can place a salt water cure in those areas, which will absorb negative energies. In addition, here are a few more cures:

  • Northeast (Sickness star) - 2 Annual star (place 6 Chinese coins tied in a row)

  • South (Disputes and legal issues) - 3 Annual star (place a red rounded object or a laughing Buddha)

  • Southeast – 7 Annual star (Place a protection Buddha)

  • Southwest (bad luck and sickness star) - 5 Annual star (Place a 6 metal rod chime outside)

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to email me with questions or book a consultation!
Many blessings for the New Year,