How is your reputation?

I have often wondered why some people were magnets for clients, opportunities, job offers, promotions… How do they do it?  I realized that it all comes down to their vibe and attitude (and luck and of course, hard work).  We all want to be like them, therefore we offer them opportunities in order to keep them close to us. 

So, how do I improve my reputation, using Feng Shui. One way of doing it is enhancing your space so that it reflects back to you great feelings of enjoying an optimal reputation. 

In Feng Shui, the Fame and Reputation area is located in South corner of your house or the rear middle section of your apartment. 

Enhancing Tips: 

  • The fiery colors (red, burgundy, orange, pink) are particularly effective in activating the fame and reputation sector. Objects with red as their main color can be displayed in this area (objects, lampshades, linen, quilts, rugs, carpets, decor, vases, etc.) 

  • You can also use objects of the fire element to energize the fame corner of your home. A fireplace is a good way to do this, but candles, bright lights, garlands work too!

  • Hang a painting with red as the dominant color or a photograph frame made of wood.

  • Hang your diplomas, awards, trophies, etc.. If you are timid about displaying awards, letters of recognition, place them behind a picture, in a cabinet, behind a chair or couch.

  • Make a visualization board. As an example, if you would like to be an actor then cut out a photo of you with an oscar.  Place symbols of success, charts, or visualization boards with goals displayed.

  • Objects or patterns that have the shape of a pyramid or a triangle. 

    Do not hesitate to ask me questions and please keep me posted on your results! 
    With love and gratitude,