Tips for manifesting prosperity with Feng Shui

How can I manifest more wealth is a question I often get. While it is necessary to focus on your entire Bagua map, here are a few recommendations you can use to attract lasting prosperity.

Remember that your space is a mirror of your circumstances.

So where is my Wealth area?

It is located in the South East area of your house or the Top Left corner of your apartment. Here you will find out how to calculate your bagua map with my free course.

The prosperity area of your home should be enhanced with the Wood element. The Wood element represents growth, wealth accumulation and long-lasting prosperity. 

In the elemental Feng Shui cycle, the Wood Element is enhanced by Water, destroyed by Metal and weakened by Fire.  

So here are a few tips to consider for your Wealth & Prosperity Gua:

  • Declutter this area thoroughly.

  • You should decorate with colors of blues and greens predominantly. 

  • Purple is also a good color for the Wealth area as it is a combination of blue (wood) with a touch of red (fire). It is also the color of money in many cultures.

  • Decorate with jute, wood, wood furniture, linen. 

  • Place everything that symbolizes wealth, money, abundance and prosperity. For example, you can fill up a crystal jar (a wealth jar) with coins, citrine crystals, ingots, gems, fake diamonds and other wealth symbols. Never leave a jar or large vase on display that is empty. 

  • Display one or more jade plants (crassula ovata). Plants with round leaves are very lucky as their leaves have the shape of coins. Alternatively, you can have a money tree (pachira aquatica) in that Gua. You can also place an orchid in your Wealth area. Orchids are a sign of wealth and taste in China.  

  • If your dining room is in the Wealth corner, you can have a mirror reflecting the dining table; place a fruit bowl on top of your (wood) dining table, which will be magnified by the mirror, and will symbolize abundance. Always have the bowl filled with fresh fruit. Alternatively you can place a large orchid on the table. 

  • A living room in the Wealth area is considered very auspicious.  

  • Fish tanks, a water fountain or depictions of water will benefit this area, because water strengthens wood (again, the water must flow towards your home and not outwards or straight down). However, if your bedroom is your Wealth corner, do not add water, as water is not advisable in the bedroom, nor are mirrors or plants. 

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